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Welcome to SWTOR Savior,

You have just found the MOST COMPLETE resource there is for Star Wars The Old Republic!

Whether you have literally picked up the game today and just logged in or you have been playing since BETA we are confident that SWTOR Savior can improve your game and MOST importantly allow you to have MORE FUN!

SWTOR Savior is quite simply a step by step guide for the ENTIRE game!

We have leveling guides with full color maps for ALL classes AND advanced classes!

We have build guides for PVE (Leveling), PVP, Flashpoints and Operations – complete with full rotations!

We have credit guides that will show you how to use the GTN to make a HUGE amount of credits fast! (Take another look at the proof video above to see how many credits we have!)

We have complete guides to all crew skills in the game – whether you need help gathering, crafting or with the mission skills it is ALL here…

We show you how to dominate the warzones and win at PVP not to mention get EPIC gear in the process!

We have complete guides to ALL Flashpoints and Operations in the game!

We have gear and itemization guides and more to the point – how to get it all FAST!

We are a TEAM! This is not just another crappy written guide! We have been playing since the end of closed BETA!

And Much More...

In fact you will find some FREE previews further down this page...



What Sets SWTOR Savior Apart?

The first thing that sets SWTOR Savior apart from the rest of the pack is the fact that we are MORE than just a quickly put together guide – much more…

We have complete WRITTEN guides that have been fully updated weekly since the BETA and that are now updated the 2.6 expansion!

We are also the ONLY guide to back up everything with full 1080p HD videos so you will actually be able to watch step by step guides to ALL aspects of the game in the member’s area!
SWTOR Savior also has a V.I.P forum that boasts over 2000 members! In fact we even have a few key figures from the production team of SWTOR in there!

This not only allows you to give us feedback and let us know what you need – but it also allows us to help you out when you need it!

Another awesome thing about the V.I.P forum is that you will be able to speak to fellow members and share hints, tips, builds, credit guides… you name it…

We also have routine contests and competitions in there for SWTOR merchandise such as the new SWTOR Razer Headset and the SWTOR Gaming Keyboard and mouse that is due to be released.

You will be able to get CONSTANT help from the SWTOR Savior team, other members and can contribute if you wish as well.

You will not find ANY other guide that offers a community forum and we think it is because they would not like the feedback about their guides!

There are also daily updates in the V.I.P forums so you will NEVER be out of date!




Beginner's Guide
Is this your first MMORG?
Feeling overwhelmed?

SWTOR Savior has comprehensive beginner guides to help you understand how the game works. Both in written form & HD video guides!

User Interface Guide
First thing's first!

Let's get you all set up with the easiest Interface settings which can make the difference in a heated battle!

You will find that the game will run smoother too!

SWTOR Game Mechanics
Let us show you how the game works from start to finish so you can tell your AoE from your DPS or PVE in no time!

A complete guide to how the builds, leveling, flashpoints and operations work and how to see the game in the fastest time possible!

Beginner Class & Skills Guides
Which ever class you pick will have a primary attribute! You need to make sure you get the right gear for your class that compliments your skills!
We show you to be powerful EVEN in the lower levels!



Complete Leveling Guides Both Written & HD Videos For All Classes & Advanced Classes!
SWTOR Savior gives you a complete step by step leveling guide that will get you to level 55 with ALL classes in 6 days or less!

Tried and tested - Updated for the 2.6 update!

Includes 1080p HD Videos!

Fastest Questing Route Guaranteed...
The SWTOR Savior team has been playing since the BETA to find the fastest route through the game!

Multiple routes available ranging from SUPER FAST leveling to EXTENSIVE leveling if you want to see everything the game has to offer!

You won't find a faster, more comprehensive leveling guide ANYWHERE ELSE!

Detailed Maps, Waypoints And Coordinates!
Know EXACTLY where you need to go at any given time as our leveling guides give you full color maps, waypoints & coordinates!

Complete with leveling instructions, HD videos and advice that you need along the way at the end of class quests etc...

All updated for the 2.6 update!

HD Leveling Videos So You Never Get Lost!!
SWTOR Savior gives you HD Leveling videos to backup the written guides so there is no chance of you getting lost!

Whether you want to POWER LEVEL fast OR just see everything the game has to offer we can help you!

Simply follow the guides and use the HD videos for reference as you speed level!


Builds For All 8 Classes & Advanced Classes!
Apart from the gear that you have the build you are using is one of the MOST important things in the game!

If you get this wrong you will be heavily underpowered in the games and have problems progressing!

SWTOR Savior gives you a complete library of builds for ALL Classes and Advanced classes to make sure you level faster and dominate PVP!

Leveling Builds For All Classes & Advanced Classes!
If you want to level fast then you need a good leveling (PVE) build - we not ONLY give you builds for leveling but also the rotations as well that you will need to be able to use them properly!

Use these leveling builds together with the leveling guides and take down tougher mobs EVEN when they are up to 5 levels higher than you!

PVP Builds For All Classes & Rotations!
If you want to dominate in the warzones then you will need some good PVP builds.

All classes play differently and that is why SWTOR Savior gives you optimum PVP builds for all classes and advanced classes!

We also give you FULL rotations so you actually know how to use them and will be unstoppable!

Flashpoint & Operation Builds & Rotations!
Flashpoints & Operations are an AWESOME way to get the best gear, schematics and level up fast!

However they will also present you with the toughest enemies and mobs in the game!

SWTOR Savior has your back here as you will get builds for all classes and advanced classes to make sure you clear these without a problem!




Master The NEW Legacy System!
Build the Ultimate family tree in SWTOR as we show you which skills you are likely to unlock, how to get the best Legacy gear for your SWTOR family and how to get Legacy points faster as you are playing!

Once you have leveled one toon to level 55 the game has only just begun and we will make your family tree one of the strongest in the galaxy!

Operation Guide: Explosive Conflict
We have complete Operation guides but we also have a new walkthrough for this 1.2 Operation.

If you don't want the planet Denova to be your grisly end - just follow SWTOR Savior's step by step guide!


Flashpoint Guide: The Lost Island
We also give you a walkthrough for the NEW Flashpoint The Lost Island. You will also find walkthroughs for ALL flashpoints inside the members area!

You are about to confront the man who started the virus that devasted Tion Hegemony!

Warzone Guide: Novare Coast
It's time to dominate the newest warzone in the game!

Find out how you can dominate PVP with a complete guide to ALL warzones including Novare Coast!

UI Customisation
Patch 1.2 allows you to customise your user interface. SWTOR Savior gives you a complete guide to set up your user interface so you can access all your skills fast without having to be caught short in the middle of a battle.

We also show you how to make your own customisation!

Warzone Rankings Guide
With patch 1.2 is the NEW warzone rankings and we give you a complete guide to master this new feature in PVP and get the top rankings!

New Corellia Daily Missions Guides
SWTOR Savior gives you a complete guide to ALL daily missions. With patch 1.2 there are some new Corellia Daily missions so let us guide you through them as it is an excellent way to build credits fast...
New Gear Guides
1.2 will of course give you lots more gear up for grabs!

SWTOR Savior shows you how to get the new gear sets fast to be the envy of other players on your server!



Terror From Beyond Guide
SWTOR Savior is the only guide to give you a full guide to the new operation in patch 1.4!

Learn how to destroy the 5 new epic bosses with ease!

Dread Gear Guide
Get the new PVE Dread Guard Gear fast which is the most powerful gear in the game!



Group Finder Guide
Learn how to use the new features of the group finder with patch 1.4!

Emotes System
Learn how to use the new emotes system and the fun you can have with it!



Dailies, Items, Missions And More...

SWTOR Savior is now completely updated for the 1.5 patch! This patch is the BIGGEST yet and features many changes!

We have them all covered and remain the #1 SWTOR guide guaranteed to give you the edge!

HK 51 Uncovered

We give you a complete guide to unlocking the ultimate Assassin Droid the HK-51.

Featuring a full quest line, Explosive Conflict Nightmare mode guides, new Section X Daily guides and more...

Section X Belsavis Mission Guide

The 1.5 patch features some new daily missions known as Section X that expand on the Dread Masters story line and we give you a guide for ALL of them...

Free To Play Guide

SWTOR is going free to play and whether you are just joining as a young Padawan or are a General of the galaxy we give you a guide to what you need to know!

The pros and cons of F2Play revealed...

Cartel Coins

We give you a guide to Cartel coins, how to get them, how much they cost and more importantly what you should buy with them!

Get the edge with our in-depth guide...

Builds And Rotations For 1.5

The game has changed and so have the classes!

Get Access today and view our updated guide for builds and rotations for 1.5 to match ANY playstyle...


PVP Warzone Ancient Hypergate Guide

We guide you through how to dominate on the latest PVP Warzone in Patch 1.6!

Updated Space Combat Mission Guide For 1.6!

Unlock all of the best items and get a ton of Black Hole Commendations with our in-depth guide!



Relics Of The Gree Event

SWTOR Savior has been updated for the new "Relics of the Gree" event with guides, walkthroughs and tips to make sure you get the best rewards in game first!

Get The Best Weapons And Armor Up For Grabs!

Galactic Reputation Guide

We show you how to make the most out of the new "Galactic Reputation" system and work your way up from "Outsider" to "Legend" fast...


NEW Cartel Pack

The 1.7 updates brings with it a new Cartel pack - this one is called the "Space Pirate Pack" and we give our review as well as advise on how to get this fast and whether or not you need it...

Cartel Market

We also run through the updates to the Cartel Market and what we consider the best items you need....


SWTOR Builds 1.7

We give you a complete set of builds for leveling (PVE), PVP and also different styles of play such as tanking, support, DPS etc... and full rotations and stat priorities to use.

All updated for the 1.7 patch...

Space Combat

You can now get reputation trophies through the daily space missions - we show you how to get them fast!



Leveling Guides Up To Level 55!

We have been working on the PTS to plot a course up to level 55 for all classes. When the expansion pack is officially released we will tweak the paths but for now you can get a headstart and see the content first!

Class Builds 2.0

Patch 2.0 brings in a lot of class changes. We make sure you have updated builds for all classes and PVE, PVP and more...


General Class Changes 2.0

We run through the class changes and the new abilities that the expansion will bring and how you can use your new class to your advantage.

Flashpoints and Operations

Patch 2.0 brings in a new "Scum and Villainy" Flashpoint as well as hard mode for the other Flashpoints. We show you how to master them!


Legacy Achievements

2.0 has expanded the Legacy system to incorporate Legacy achievements. We show you how to make the most of the achivements and how to unlock them all!

Priority Mission Terminal

This will replace the daily mission terminal and we show you what changes you can expect!


Now Updated For Patch 2.6: Galactic Starfighter...


Master The GTN (Global Trade Network)
One of the fastest way to make credits is knowing what will sell for profits on the GTN. SWTOR Savior gives you written and video guides showing you how to master the GTN - what to sell, when to sell it and how to make a profit.
We also update our info twice a week to make sure you stay ahead of the game!

SWTOR Crew Skills Guide
SWTOR Savior gives you written & video guides to ALL crew skills in SWTOR. We show you how to use gathering, crafting and mission skills from scratch to make the best items in the game or make some credits on the GTN.

Updated for patch 2.0!

SWTOR Credit Strategies
Whether you need a quick credit boost or just want to try and max out your credits in the game SWTOR Savior can help as we give you a complete guide to making credits quickly at any level.

Updated with strategies that work with the new 2.0 patch!

Dailies Guide
The daily missions are an awesome way to boost your credits in the game. We show you which 'daily routes' are the best way to do this to boost your credits!


Complete Written And Video Guides To ALL Gathering And Crafting Professions Inside The SWTOR Savior Members Area!


Take Down The Toughest Bosses In Flashpoints & Operations In Hard Mode

Check Out This Vid As We Take Down SOA The End Boss In The Eternity Vault!


Keep Reading And Get Instant Access Below To SWTOR Savior!

A Complete Guide And Community That GUARANTEES You Will See The BEST Content In SWTOR Fast...


Look At What People Are Saying...


"Not My First Choice But..."

Hey CJ,

Sorry to contact you via PM in the forum but I have a confession!

Your SWTOR guide was not my first choice - I tried 2 other sites **** and ************ before your site.

Nearly didn't purchase your guide as was getting fed up with the lack of content these guides have!

Just a heads up to tell you:


Wish I had seen it before!

Been playing this weekend and have gone from a level 8 Sith Inquisitor to Level 28 in 2 days!!!

Thank you - keep it up...

Dan Kennedy
Sith Inquisitor




"Wasn't Sure What To Expect..."

I purchased your guide as I received early access and wanted to make the most of my time in game before the launch.

Wasn't sure what to expect as there are a couple of guides out there that I was having a look at.

All I can say is WOW!

Really pleased (and relived) so thought I would send you a quick email to say Thanks for an awesome guide and the forum is an AWESOME feature!

Really cool to be able to speak to you all!

Anyway that's all for now - see you in game....

Stephen Zimmer
Sith Inquisitor





"PVE Builds Are Killer..."

Hey Guys,

Awesome community you have here!

Just checking out the builds section in the forum and trying a few leveling builds as my main is a Jedi Consular but I also feel compelled to go dark side with a Sith Inq. as well.

So I need to level 2 characters really fast!

Well just started using the PVE build you have for the Consular on the forum and it is CRAZY!

Awesome work!

Terry Barker
Jedi Consular




What Do You Get With SWTOR Saviour?

The ONLY Complete Leveling & Game Guide For Star Wars The Old Republic MMO…


Power Leveling Advanced Classes PVP Builds PVE/Leveling Credit Guide
Rotations VIP Forum Best Talents For Every Class Gathering Crafting
GTN Guide Underworld Trading Fastest Level Paths Best Gear Weapon Guide
Companion Guide Flashpoints Guide Video Guides Leveling Co-Ords Mission Skills
No Cheats/Hacks 24/7 Support Voted Top SWTOR Guide Free Updates Guild Creation

Fastest Leveling Guide From 1 To 55 For All Classes

We have put hours and hours of gameplay into SWTOR to make sure you get the FASTEST levelling guide for ALL Classes…

You will be able to get to level 55 in under 6 days GUARANTEED…

Step by Step levelling guide for all classes!

Full Color Maps & Waypoints as well as user notes for faster levelling!

Fastest route through the game GUARANTEED…

Your chance to dominate the game and see ALL of the content FIRST!


Ultimate Class Guide

We include a complete class guide that will guide you through the right class for you and give you a complete skills list for general and advanced classes….

Whether you want to be an all-powerful Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer or a noble Jedi  Sage Consular let us show you how to get the MOST out of your class…

Full class guide for all characters!

Advanced class guide showing all skills and specializations!

SWTOR Class roles – not sure whether you want to be a tank or DPS? We show you all the roles of each class!

Best armour & weapons for each class – Let us show you how to max out your character no matter what class you pick!


Builds Guide

As well as needing to know your class inside out you will need some decent builds if you want to last against the tougher mobs in the game...

We have you covered here!

SWTOR Savior also contains a complete library of builds for ALL advanced classes in the game!

Complete Library Of Builds To Match Any Playstyle!

Play As A Tank Or DPS And Dominate With Either!

Get Top PVP Builds And Win Best Items In PVP!

Take On High Level Mobs Earlier And See Content Faster!

Get Free Builds Calculator And Make Your Own Builds Or Use Ours!

Be Prepared For Any Style Of Play ANYTIME!


Skills Guide

We show you how to master all skills in the game such as gathering and crafting skills for all classes so you can make even MORE powerful weapons and armour!

Best Items guide – Let us show you how to use the Gathering and Crafting skills to get the best items in the game early.

Master PVP – We show you how to master PVP and get some killer rewards for your character by doing so.

Gathering Skills guide – We show you how to use the Gathering skills to make the best items in the game with crafting…

Crafting Skills Guide – We have a gathering skills guide so these two go hand in hand – once you have been through our crafting guide you will be able to create the ULTIMATE Character!

Companion Items – We show you how to max out your companion to make them unstoppable!

Commendation Rewards – We show you how to get them ALL and use them…


Full 60 Day Guarantee!

We are so sure that you will love SWTOR Saviour and that it will VASTLY improve your game we are going to give you a full 60 days to use the guide for FREE.

Purchase the guide and at any time in the next 60 days if you don't like it for whatever reason just e-mail us and let us know and we will give you a FULL NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND!



How About Some Bonuses?

Bonus #1: Ultimate GTN Guide

Welcome to the NEW Auction house! If you want the best gear, items and weapons then you need to know how to use the Galactic Trade Network!

We show you how to buy and sell the best items in the galaxy making you a lot of credits and maxing out your character!

This written and video guide will show you how to assess the GTN and MAKE SURE that the items you list sell!

Including simple strategies that you can use at ANY level to make a VAST amount of credits FAST!

This bonus is available INSTANTLY within the members area!

Bonus #2: PVP Dominator

Dominate The Warzones!

Screenshot Above Shows Win With Over 466K Damage!

Let Us Show You How It's Done...

You want to be the best in the galaxy! This PVP guide will give you the best builds, skills and more so you can dominate PVP fast and dominate the warzones fast….

Get a complete guide to the 3 warzones in SWTOR and FREE updates when warzones are added!

It's time to dominate the warzones in SWTOR with a complete guide for:


Get a video guide that gives you the strategies you need to WIN!

This bonus is available INSTANTLY within the members area!

Discover how to dominate PVP in SWTOR with complete written and video guides!

Preview Of The New Novare Coast Warzone Guide:

Note: This is just a short preview - inside the member's area you will get a full walkthrough in HD Quality! 



Grab Your Copy Of SWTOR Saviour And Your Bonuses Below:




You will have:

Instant Access To The SWTOR Saviour Guide...

60 Day Guarantee To Try The Guide And See If You Like It...

A Complete Resource For SWTOR That Is Far More Than JUST A Leveling Guide...

A Guide That Has Been Made By Gamers - We Know What Works And What Doesn't...

Access The Game Anytime You Like Even When You Are Playing...

Get To Level 50 FAST And Start Dominating PVP...

Max Out Your Character No Matter Which Class You Have Picked...

The ULTIMATE SWTOR Guide On The Web...



Now Including FREE SWTOR Savior Forum Access!!!

As well as everything above you will also get access to the special MEMBERS ONLY SWTOR SAVIOR FORUMS!

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We want to give you the LATEST leveling tips, class builds, professions info and more as the game changes and now we can...

Get access to the ONLY SWTOR community that is updated daily to make sure you dominate the game!

Speak with other members and swap tips and tricks

Form your own guilds!

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Get Access To Everything Today...


Power Leveling Advanced Classes PVP Builds PVE/Leveling Credit Guide
Rotations VIP Forum Best Talents For Every Class Gathering Crafting
GTN Guide Underworld Trading Fastest Level Paths Best Gear Weapon Guide
Companion Guide Flashpoints Guide Video Guides Leveling Co-Ords Mission Skills
No Cheats/Hacks 24/7 Support Voted Top SWTOR Guide Free Updates Guild Creation


Super Fast Leveling Guide - Both Factions - All Classes!

SWTOR Savior gives you MORE than just standard leveling guides. Get a complete leveling guide for all classes and both factions.

Updated daily by our team and user generated guides so you get the FASTEST route through the game!

Power Leveling Guaranteed!

We know that you want to get to the end game content to take part in hardmode flashpoints and warzones!

That is why our closed BETA team have updated the guide for launch with the fastest leveling time through the game for all classes!

In Depth Credit Guide

SWTOR Savior gives you a complete guide to making credits in the game. When you start your alt and you don't want to go through the grind of getting all the gear again let us show you how to have enough credits to buy anything you need...

Killer Leveling Builds

Of course knowing where to go and what to do next is only half of it.

We give you a full set of PVE builds for all classes for those that want to level up fast...

Professions Guides

Whether you want to go for Artifice and Archaeology to make an awesome lightsaber or you want to make the best armour in the game let us show you how it is done...

SWTOR Savior shows you how to use ALL the professions in the game...

Best PVP Builds

Killing NPC's getting boring?

Let SWTOR Savior show you how to dominate warzones and PVP with killer PVP builds...

Best Gear And Items

If you want to save or rule the galaxy you have to look the part. Let SWTOR show you how to get the best gear in the game with free updates so you are always ready...

Rotations To Go With Builds...

What is the point in having a good build if you don't know how to use it?

SWTOR Savior has you covered and gives you rotations for all builds...

Detailed Instructions

Get waypoints with the leveling guides, full color maps and a forum for support when you need it...

Never get lost and be sure to see all content in SWTOR fast...

SWTOR Savior Forum

Don't just get any guide! Join a community and get daily updates as the game changes + user submitted guides...

No Hacks Or Cheats

There are no shortcuts to true greatness! You can be rest assured that SWTOR Savior contains no hacks or cheats!

Free Updates

SWTOR Savior gives you free updates for every upcoming patch for the game as well as an in game leveling guide as soon as mods are active...

SWTOR Savior makes sure you always have the latest intel...

SWTOR Savior Designed By A HARDCORE Gaming Team

Seen other guides out there? This is the ONLY guide that has been made by a legit closed beta team. We have been through every inch of the content in the game - including level 50 hardmode flashpoints, killer PVP warzones like Alderaan.

We will show you how the pros play MMORG's so you can get more from the game...

Healing, Tanking & DPS Guides

Do you want to be the person EVERYONE wants on their side in PVP?

Let us show you how you can become a solid healer or a Tank that is ready to destroy their enemies...

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team has been playing MMORG's for years (and we don't mind admitting it!)

From World of Warcraft to Rift and now with Star Wars The Old Republic here you can be sure we know what you need to make the most of the game.

Whether you want to level up fast, dominate PVP or complete every hardmode flashpoint in SWTOR fast it is all here...

60 Day Guarantee

We are so sure you will love SWTOR Savior that we are going to give you 60 days to try it out!

Use the guide and ALL resources for 60 days and if at ANY time you are not satisfied we will give you a full refund - no questions asked...





What Makes SWTOR Savior The Best Choice For A COMPLETE Star Wars The Old Republic MMORG Guide?

Seen Other Guides Out There?

Here Is WHY People Are Voting SWTOR Savior #1 Guide:

Real Video Proof That We Know What We Are Talking About - Check Out The Videos On This Page...

Not ANOTHER Crappy Guide! We Give You A Complete Step By Step Guide To The Game For ALL Classes!

SWTOR Savior Forums So You Can Get Updates And Help EVERYDAY!

Forum Contests Mean That You Can Win Official SWTOR Prizes!

The ONLY Guide On The Web That Has Been Created By A Team Of Closed Beta SWTOR Players!

Step By Step Video Guides To Help You Level, Learn ALL The Professions And Get The Best Builds!

No Monthly Fees EVER! Some Guides Will Charge For Updates! Not Us! Free Updates Daily With SWTOR Savior!

Join In The Fun! Join Us On A Live Stream Weekly To See Our Warzone/PVP Skills And Learn To Dominate!




SWTOR Savior Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Do I Know That SWTOR Savior Is The Best Guide Available?

A: Fair question! If you have seen other SWTOR guides out there bear in mind that we are the ONLY guide to give you video proof of not just 1 level 55 with EPIC gear but 2!

Also on this page you will get a FREE Biochem guide, a Bounty Hunter Mercenary Build With FREE Rotations, get to see Epic Gear and our team take down SOA in the Eternity Vault!

The reason we give video previews is to show you that we know the game inside out and we are 100% sure we can help you dominate with ANY class.

Don't take a chance with another crappy guide that has just ripped some images from around the web!

Q: What Exactly Will I Be Getting?

A: SWTOR Savior provides you with complete leveling guides for ALL advanced classes, from level 1 to 55 with coordinates and waypoints for the fastest route in the game.

As well as that you will get access to a library of builds for all advanced classes to suit any type of play.

You will also get access to a V.I.P members forum with over 800 SWTOR Savior members that is updated daily with new content!

You can also see that we are fully updated for Patch 1.2 and proof that we have taken down the boss in the new flashpoint Kaon Under Siege above.

We are also now updated for the new 2.6 Galactic Starfighter patch!

With access to the fastest leveling guides, best builds, credit guides, GTN guides, Profession guides and HD videos to boot we are POSITIVE that SWTOR Savior is the most COMPLETE SWTOR guide available ANYWHERE!

Q: Will You Need My SWTOR Account Details?

A: NO! Absolutely not! Don't EVER give these to anyone unless they are an EA/Bioware employee!

Q: Will I Need To Pay Anything Else?

A: No! You simply pay a one-off fee for complete access and FREE lifetime updates!

Q: Do You Offer A Trial Or A Discount?

A: We do not currently offer a trial however we DO have a 60 day guarantee and if you are not satisfied in any way during that time we will give you a full refund no questions asked! We also have a special discount available at the minute for complete access to the guide at a discounted price.

You can take advantage of the discount by clicking HERE.

Q: Do You Offer Any Support?

A: Yes, we offer 24/7 support and also have a forum with a support team of over 15 people! This means that you can get help and have your questions answered almost instantly!

Q: How Long Does It Take To Get Access To SWTOR Savior?

A: You can get started right away! Simply scroll down to the ORDER NOW button or CLICK HERE and get the #1 SWTOR guide on the web.

Q: I Am Still Undecided On Whether SWTOR Savior Is The Guide For Me?

A: We completely understand! However we urge you to look over this site again and check out the video previews, the mounts that we have, the gear we have and you will even see a video on this page that shows us taking down the boss on the new Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint.

In short we GUARANTEE that this is the BEST guide on the web - give you written leveling guides, builds and HD videos to back it all up.

No other guide we have seen offers video previews!!!

Lastly you have 60 FULL DAYS to use the guide and at any time if you are not happy we will give you a full refund - no questions asked!

Q: OK, I Want To Level Fast Get The Best Builds And Full HD Video Guides SWTOR Savior Offers! - How Do I Get Started?

A: Simply click one of the order now buttons on this page and fill out your details. Once you have done this you will be taken straight through to the member's area and can get started right now! Even if it is 3am in the morning!

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